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Work structure

We carry out all the work from the creation of a design project to the implementation of the interior with a complete decoration of the object. You get a space completely ready to move in with a comfortable and stylish environment.

We coordinate with you every stage in the design project, including furniture, finishing materials, appliances, lighting scenarios, filling cabinets and wardrobes, and other important points. The whole range of works to create a comfortable space, starting with the introduction of engineering systems and ending with the styling of your home, we take absolutely everything upon ourselves.

Project cost:

Up to 100m² — 5 000 ₽/m²
100-300m² — 4 000 ₽/m²
Over 300m² – calculated individually


Author’s supervision and equipment:

For the entire implementation period
3 000 ₽/m²

Stage 1

Planning decision

We always begin our work with measurements and photo fixation of the object by our specialists. And also – from a big meeting to discuss and draw up a detailed technical task with the client. Based on your preferences, we discuss the content of each room. You get 3 options for planning solutions with furniture arrangement.

The designer will perform zoning of the space, taking into account the wishes of all family members. Every square meter is thought out in terms of functionality. We create a “white” visualization to understand the volumes, in which we do not take into account specific furniture models and material textures.

Планировочное решение Белая модель визуализации
Stage 2


At this stage, the main concept for applying the ideas of the author is set. A picture of the future interior is created to convey the general mood, style and color. To do this, we make trips to salons, carry out the initial selection of furniture and materials, work out drawings with the main zones, and select colors.

This is how the moodboard is created – a collage-visualization of the interior, helping to decide whether the overall style of the space is pleasant and how much the designer hit the point of your expectations. If necessary, we make adjustments to make the 3D project as accurate as possible.




We create a three-dimensional model of space so that you get photorealistic pictures with a three-dimensional image and can have a complete picture of the future interior. To do this, the designer first selects and uses specific furniture and materials from the current collections of manufacturers, which will later be used at the facility.


Any experiments are allowed at this stage. You can make edits, adjust colors, add decor and elements. For each project, a 360° panorama is created so that you can see every piece of your future home.

Professional 3D visualization of the interior is necessary for mutual understanding of the customer and the designer, and will also help in further work with contractors, builders and the correct selection of colors, shades and technical details.

Визуализация Визуализация

Stage 3

Working documentation

Рабочие чертежи Рабочие чертежи

We create drawings verified to the millimeter for builders. The presence of error-free documentation indicating the exact amount of finishing materials guarantees a successful work process at the facility. We connect contractors for the development of engineering systems, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and the Smart Home system.

Due to the integrated approach at this stage, the project is transferred to contractors and builders only after you are fully acquainted with all the details of the project, feel every millimeter of the renovated space and are ready to move on.

The composition of the working documentation:

  • Dimensional plan.
  • Plan of dismantled partitions.
  • Partition wall plan.
  • Building plan with explication of premises.
  • Building plan with furniture arrangement.
  • Construction plan with the arrangement of furniture with dimensions.
  • Ceiling plan by levels.
  • Ceiling plan. Ceiling cuts (scheme).
  • Lighting plan.
  • Lighting binding plan.
  • Switch wiring diagram.
  • Switch binding plan.
  • Electrical plan.
  • Electrical connection plan.
  • Floor plan by levels, broken down by floor coverings. Cuts.
  • The layout of the electric floor heating.
  • Plan for the location of plumbing fixtures.
  • Specification of openings for interior doors.
  • Scans of all rooms on the walls.
  • Drawings of custom products.
Рабочие чертежи Рабочие чертежи
Stage 4


It helps to significantly reduce the time for the selection and purchase of the necessary finishing materials, furniture, equipment and decor. And also to ensure their timely delivery to the facility and streamline the costs of implementation. The assembly of the object is divided into two stages:



Drawing up estimates for finishing materials, equipment, furniture and decor items based on approved 3D visualizations, indicating the main characteristics, cost, delivery times.


Procurement organization

Organization of the entire procurement process from the request for a commercial proposal, the approval of samples of materials with the customer, the verification of articles to the delivery and installation of items approved by the customer.

The list of works on a complete set:

  • Market price monitoring, selection of the most advantageous offers;
  • Approval of samples selected in the salon or at the site from the project together with the customer or the customer’s representative;
  • Logistics for the supply of goods, so that the terms correspond to the work schedule at the facility;
  • Assistance with the acceptance of finishing materials, furniture, plumbing at the facility;
  • In case of marriage, we agree on a replacement, we take on all the headaches;
  • We are looking for analogues of items from the project, if the delivery time according to the schedule does not suit us, or the product was discontinued during the development of the design project.
Stage 5

Architectural supervision and project management

It includes a range of services necessary for the implementation of a design project, including high-quality repairs, coordination of all suppliers and contractors at the facility. And also – advising builders on the project in the process of work, adjusting working drawings if necessary, regular visits of the project team to the site.

List of works on author’s supervision:

  • Designer’s control over the implementation of the project;
  • In the course of construction, the designer corrects the drawings for builders and subcontractors if there are any changes regarding the project;
  • The designer is always in touch, we advise builders and subcontractors by phone and go to the site once a week or, if necessary, on weekdays;
  • Coordination of invoices for payment of finishing materials and furniture;
  • Maintaining a schedule for the supply of finishing materials and furniture, coordinating the delivery date with the foreman.


Why is supervision necessary?

Project implementation control is necessary so that you get the most accurate and successful result. Otherwise, a lot of difficulties arise: non-observance of proportions, the inability to implement complex nodes and a complete mismatch of 3D visualization. Often contractors and builders, for the sake of their own convenience and simplification of work, talk about the impossibility of accurately implementing the project due to the excessive complexity of individual components, however, we are always confident in our calculations and we know that sometimes original solutions require a little more creative approach for their implementation.

Only architectural supervision will ensure 100% implementation of the project into reality, and we also draw up a schedule for the purchase of materials and equipment, monitor deliveries to the construction site and the continuity of the construction process.

Why do you need a set of objects?

The purchase of the necessary materials, furniture, equipment takes a lot of time and requires a lot of resources. You need to send applications to salons, find out the availability of a specific item, prepare invoices for payment, arrange delivery and check for compliance. We have trusted suppliers, so we guarantee an efficient process and vouch for the quality. As a result, the complete set of the object provides the best result for the implementation of the design project.

Do you take into account the financial capabilities of the customer?

Of course, this is the main condition for successful cooperation. We always ask you to clearly indicate the amount beyond which the customer is not ready to go. We know what really saves, and what absolutely cannot. From the first sketch to the acceptance of the object, we control compliance with the customer’s budget.

Do you have proven construction crews you can trust? And do you work with the customer's team?

Both options are possible, the main thing for the ideal implementation of the project is the coordinated actions of the customer, architect and builders. We have our own experienced team, there is also the practice of cooperation with the customer’s team. Everything is decided individually.

Is it possible to start repairs in parallel with the development of a design project?

Our design studio is against this approach, because only a finished project will guarantee an accurate calculation of estimates for work, materials, and deadlines. Without a project, there are many risks of downtime of the team and additional costs for unspecified types of work. In this case, the amount of costs may be unpredictable.

The presence of the project will provide maximum control over the budget, deadlines, final result, and the construction team or design studio will be responsible for any errors in the calculations.

If you have not received the keys to the apartment yet, can you start working on the project?

Yes, it is quite real. Together with you, we will determine the style, approve the terms of reference, make a planning decision and proceed to 3D visualization. Thus, we will save time and after there is access to the measurements of the object, it remains to adjust the dimensions in the planning decision and make working drawings for the project.

What styles do you work in?

The main styles are modern, modern minimalism and modern classics.

How many floor plans do you make?

Under the terms of the contract, 3 options for planning decisions are provided. Before familiarizing the customer with them, we work through a lot of intermediate variations, each one is passed through an internal filtering system. All planning options are carried out in strict accordance with SNiP, we have excluded obviously unrealistic proposals.

Can you create a complete project in 1 month?

No, this is impossible. Our services would cost dozens of times cheaper if the work was done in such a short time. If the customer is in a hurry, we always go forward, but a lot depends on him: how quickly he makes decisions, makes a choice, how often he gets in touch and how clearly he formulates his requests and wishes.

Are engineering projects included in the working documentation?

The documentation does not include specialized engineering projects (calculation of structural loads, electrical design, design of air conditioning and ventilation systems, etc.), if necessary and at the individual request of the customer, they are performed by our contractors.

Do you provide services remotely? And if so, how is architectural supervision ensured in this case?

We have experience of remote cooperation and are always ready to meet the needs of customers from other cities and countries. The means of modern communication make it possible to resolve the issue of architectural supervision in such situations. In any case, all conditions are discussed individually.

Only one room design is needed, do you provide such a service?

No, you’d better go to another studio or decorators. Our bureau creates complete projects for life, we use an integrated approach to design.

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