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Our full cycle interior design bureau undertakes the development and implementation of unique projects of apartments, country houses and cottages in modern styles. Our work is based on professionalism, attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence. Our drawings are detailed, visualizations are realistic, tables are detailed and accurate.

The implementation of each project begins with the study of the original design concept of the interior. Already from the first stage, we accurately imagine how everything will be implemented in practice.

Over the years of work in the field of interior design, we have assembled a team of professionals whose joint efforts always lead to the best result.

The result of our work is not only a finished interior, but also an inspiring feeling of completeness from the understanding that each node turned out exactly in the design that was developed in the project.

Anna and Artem


Дизайн бюро интерьера в Москве
Studio benefits



In our studio, communication with the designer always takes place directly, so the result is always a unique interior that reflects the individuality of the customer and meets specific requirements. We adhere to your wishes and take into account lifestyle, so that you feel comfort and peace of mind in your home.


We know and apply the laws of ergonomics, so every square meter is thought out, beneficial and works for you. Our projects bring a new level of comfort: from ideal zoning and location of rooms to convenient use of switches, appliances and work surfaces.


We provide a full range of services, so with us you will get rid of the need to spend long hours and nerve cells looking for a construction team, coordinating contractors, monitoring work, negotiating with suppliers, checking deliveries and other nuances. We solve all problems for you.


We work with a proven construction team and guarantee a high-quality result of work. We will ensure that deadlines and budgets are met. We control every stage of repair and finishing, and vouch for 100% compliance with the picture: the project will look exactly like on 3D visualization.


Our design bureau has an absolutely transparent payment system - you pay separately for each stage of the work performed. We cooperate with branded salons at wholesale prices - with us you will save up to 30%. We give detailed consultations and provide the opportunity to order a project from anywhere in the world.


We develop each project taking into account further implementation, therefore we offer only realistic methods, we take into account the details and understand the cost of individual solutions. Already at the visualization stage, we use specific furniture and materials that will be used in your apartment or house.
Анна Лебедева - архитектор-дизайнер

Lebedeva Anna

Architect-designer, founder

Born in a family of architects, from childhood she felt a craving for beauty and developed a taste for beauty. The basics of drawing and understanding the importance of quality work were also laid down from an early age.

Education and professional path:

  • Architectural class, University of Architecture and Civil Engineering with a degree in architect-restorer, practice in eminent Moscow studios.
  • Restoration and reconstruction of monuments of the architectural environment, design of country houses, apartments, hotels, residential and public interiors.
  • Multiple laureate and diploma winner of international and Russian competitions in architecture and design.
  • In 2017, she organized the design studio L.Design Studio and focused on creating premium interiors.

“I want to design the interior space so that it looks complete. Designing a room is always a joint creative work with the customer, and its result is a unique space that reflects the inner world of the owners. I pay great attention to materials, shapes, keep up with new products, which allows me to find interesting solutions.”

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